Elk NetworkYoung Mother Arrows Deer with Baby on Her Back

General | December 20, 2019

Imagine taking your one-year-old hunting with you. Impossible, you say? For Beka Garris, it’s not only possible but she punched a whitetail doe tag while doing so.

Harris grew up in a bowhunting family and took it up herself at age 16. After getting married, Garris tried to hunt with her young daughter but little Isabella was noisy and didn’t like being confined to a ground blind so she placed her in a backpack and tried stalking deer, successfully arrowing a whitetail doe.

“Hunting used to be a way of life, although not as much anymore. But I choose to be involved in the process. If our ancestors hadn’t hunted, we wouldn’t be here,” Garris told bowhunter.com. “And if my daughter wants to do it one day, that’s great. If she doesn’t, that’s great too. But I want her to form that opinion on her own.”

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(Photo source: Ohio Department of Natural Resources)