Elk NetworkWashington Study Monitors Elk Movement

General | October 9, 2020

A ski resort in central Washington proposed a land swap in order to expand its operations on a section of land managed by the state of Washington. A local group of outdoorsmen and women, the Wenatchee Sportsmen Association, expressed concern about the transaction regarding possible impacts on elk and other wildlife, prompting the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to get involved.

RMEF provided grant funding to track the movements of elk on the eastern slope of the central Cascade Mountains. Specifically, biologists will be able to refine their understanding of spring and fall migration patterns of elk-calf pairs, where that takes place and their use of the surrounding habitat in an area used for recreation and agriculture practices.

Not only will the data gathered help biologists and game managers, but also it will assist in future land use decisions.

(Photo source: Wenatchee Sportsmen’s Association)