Elk NetworkWashington Authorizes Removal of More Problem Wolves

General | September 26, 2019

For the third time in less than two months, the director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife authorized lethal action of a wolf pack repeatedly preying on livestock.

Kelly Susewind gave approval for the incremental removal of wolves from the Grouse Flat pack after two depredations in the last 30 days and four over the last 10 months. He reauthorized lethal action for the Togo wolf pack in August and for the Old Profanity Territory wolf pack in late July because of repeated depredation.

Such action is only taken after livestock producers follow nonlethal, deterrence measures and yet livestock attacks continue.

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The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation maintains that state agencies should maintain the responsibility to manage all wildlife, including wolves, in accordance with the North American Wildlife Conservation Model.

(Photo source: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)