Elk NetworkVIDEO: Couple Frees Elk from Fence

General | March 28, 2018

When Mitch and Kate Bremner saw a young elk stuck in a barbed wire fence they knew they had to take action. And that’s exactly what they did.

It happened near Princeton, a small town about 170 miles east of Vancouver, British Columbia.

“We actually turned around to our house and grabbed (wire cutters) and came back to get her out. We couldn’t just leave her there,” Bremner told Postmedia.

Mitch approached the elk while Kate recorded him on video. A handful of snips and 30 seconds later, the elk jumped to its feet and ran off into the sunset.

“Her herd was already up the mountain side but we saw her spot them and make it back with them,” Bremner told Postmedia.

(Video source: Kate Bremner)