Elk NetworkVideo: Bear Traps Itself in Car, Destroys Interior

General | May 21, 2019

Talk about a costly and painful lesson. Someone recently left their car unlocked near Estes Park, Colorado. Then a black bear came along, got the door open, crawled inside but then closed the door so it couldn’t get out.

The car’s owner found the bear inside the next morning and let it out. The video pretty much tells the rest of the story as the car’s interior is absolutely thrashed.

In response to the incident, Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted out this message: “A bear tore apart this car near Estes Park. Bears are exceptionally smart, which means us humans have to be exceptionally bear smart! Lock your cars, close windows, do not leave anything with a scent inside (food, wrappers, cups, sunscreen, chapstick, etc.). #BearAware”

(Video source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)