Elk NetworkTrespassing Leads to Charges in Washington

General | October 4, 2018

Below is a Facebook post from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police:

WDFW Officer Wessel responded to a hunting-while-trespassing call with a Clallam County deputy on the last day of elk archery last week. She was informed that the hunters had already left; however, after going over two barbed-wire fences and crawling under an electric fence, Officer Wessel came upon flashlights shining off in a distant field.


Upon contacting the hunter, he stated he did not know that someone owned the property nor had he asked permission to hunt on private property. After being asked how he got onto the field, the hunter pointed north and stated he had crawled under a barbed-wire fence. He then stated that he figured “someone” owned it, he just didn’t know who.


The hunter assisted the officers with removing the elk off the property. Both the elk and the hunter’s bow where seized, the meat donated to a local charity. Hunting-while-trespassing charges will be referred to the Clallam County prosecutor.

(Photo source: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police)