Elk NetworkThe New Face of Hunting ARs

Sponsored Content | July 9, 2021

Ever since the commercial ramp-up of AR-15 rifles, hunters have looked to extract from the platform new and exciting ways to put a fresh spin on their favored pastime. Over the years, we’ve come to view the AR-15 in its varied chambers and accessorized forms as a viable method for harvesting game animals large and small. As a varmint rifle, for example, the AR-15 shines with its flat trajectory, high round capacity, and fast action. When chambered to propel more substantive ammo in the .300-plus class, it is an effective large-game getter.

Despite all its customized forms and calibers, though, the AR-15 has essentially remained a “defense first” rifle dressed up for specific hunting missions…until now.

Brenton USA, a relative newcomer to the AR marketplace, has taken the “hunting first” approach to the modern sporting rifle. By applying Eugene Stoner’s time-tested concept and building from the foundation up a series of rifles that address the needs of hunters down to the smallest detail, Brenton USA has effectively redefined the hunting AR…

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