Elk NetworkThank a Hunter! And Here’s Why…

General | October 2, 2020

Below is a Facebook post from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


Many people do not realize that the Pennsylvania Game Commission is NOT funded by state tax dollars – not one dollar! It’s an independent state agency funded primarily by hunting and furtaker license sales; state game lands timber, mineral and oil/gas revenues; and Pittman-Robertson (PR) funds.

The Pittman-Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, which placed am 11 percent federal excise tax on guns and ammunition to help fund state conservation efforts, was passed in 1937.

Each year, “PR funds” are divided among the states, considering the amount of land within and the number of hunting licenses sold in each state. To date, PR funds have raised more than $12 billion for conservation nationwide, with roughly 670 million generated in 2019 alone.

(Photo source: Pennsylvania Game Commission)