Elk NetworkSee Elk in West Virginia

General | July 29, 2019

Yes, there are elk in West Virginia. And if you choose the right time of year and put forth a little effort, chances are pretty good that you can see them with your own eyes.

“We take folks out to the Tomblin Wildlife Management Area where the elk were first stocked and hopefully lay eyes on them. Last year we did see elk every single time we went out there,” Lauren Cole, Chief Logan State Park naturalist, told MetroNews. “It seems easy to point at a big, beautiful animal like an elk and go on about it, but it’s really about more than just the elk. It’s about restoring habitat diversity we’ve lost since the 1800’s and the many other species that piggyback off the habitat work that’s being done for the elk.”

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation assisted with the successful reintroduction of wild elk onto their historic West Virginia range. RMEF also provided funding for permanent land protection and habitat restoration work in the area.

Tours take place during September and October.

Go here for tour information.

(Photo source: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)