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Volunteer News | August 14, 2012

Being Robin Hood for a Day 

Danielle Lellek, Bugle Intern

Instead of sitting inside watching Robin Hood, kids get to be the ones sending arrows through the air for a day. In Texas, RMEF volunteers are hosting archery shoots, encouraging kids to put down the remote and pick up a bow.

The RMEF’s Texas Hill Country Chapter, based in Austin, held their first 3-D archery shoot in January 2010—inspiring a whole new generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

“A lot of parents are going and buying bows the next weekend,” says event founder and coordinator Kevin Krienke. Krienke shot bows competitively for years and thought it would be a good activity for kids to get involved in.

“They’re so excited when they finally hit the target,” Krienke says, adding that sharing the experience with them makes it all worthwhile. Each shoot is run by four or five experienced volunteers and held at various locations around Austin, usually outside, with 70-80 youths and their parents participating. Admission is free and includes lunch provided by volunteers.

In 2010, the chapter hosted three one-day shoots in Round Rock, Georgetown and Fredricksberg. It hosted another this year at the Texas State Rendezvous near Giddings, and Krienke says he plans to hold more. He adds that he hopes the program just keeps growing. With more people and clubs involved, it could become a statewide event in the future. 

The Texas Hill Country Chapter’s goal with the shoots is getting kids active and interested in archery. Krienke said his whole family enjoys hunting, but not all families are like that. Some people have never shot a bow. The event gives kids hands-on experience they will carry with them forever and supports our hunting heritage.