Elk NetworkRMEF Helps Funds Habitat Work in Montana

Conservation | April 28, 2018

A series of prescribed burns will take place in western Montana in 2018.

Funded by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and other partners, the work, weather permitting, is designed to do several things:

  • Re-introduce low intensity surface fire to benefit ponderosa pine forest restoration.
  • Enhancing yearlong habitat for populations of elk, white-tail deer, and mule deer on public lands.
  • Enhance the habitat for populations of wild turkey and upland game birds on public lands.
  • Top-kill shrubs, grasses, and forbs to optimize forage for multiple wildlife species.
  • Promote the vigor of ponderosa pine, rejuvenate forest floor vegetation, and restore the composition and structure of plant communities.
  • Reduce surface fuel concentrations from the Frenchtown Face Timber Sale.

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(Photo source: U.S. Forest Service)