Elk NetworkRMEF Continues Support of Brucellosis Program

General | January 24, 2024

Below is a news release from Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation.

Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation (MOLF) and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation proudly announce their commitment to support another two years of the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) Elk Hazing operation in the Paradise Valley, with combined contributions of $6,000.

For the past two years, MOLF has partnered with RMEF in a collaborative effort to keep elk herds separated from cattle on private ranch land during the brucellosis risk period. Maintaining separation between elk and cattle can reduce the risk of brucellosis transmission. This practice has garnered widespread appreciation from the local ranching community, with MOLF and other partners playing a pivotal role in providing additional resources.

The FWP Elk Hazing program has become an integral part of wildlife management in the Paradise Valley region, reducing conflict between ranching activities and increasing elk populations. Over the past two years, the financial backing provided by MOLF and RMEF has proven essential in ensuring the program’s success. Without this crucial support, the FWP’s capacity to attract a skilled and dedicated crew of hazers would be severely hampered.

Over the past two years, a local father-son duo has been used as the primary hazers. This team is well known within the ranching community and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the task. Their familiarity with the landscape and commitment to responsible hazing techniques ensures that the operation is conducted without causing damage to private property.

The collaborative efforts of the Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation, RMEF, FWP and dedicated and experienced hazers underscore the importance of community involvement in preserving the delicate balance between wildlife and ranching interests. This ongoing partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to responsible wildlife management and sustainable coexistence.


Mitch King, Executive Director MOLF – “The elk hazing operation is an important component of the FWP elk management operation in the Paradise Valley and a recognition of the critical role that private ranchers play in overwintering Yellowstone elk populations.”

Blake Henning, Chief Conservation Officer RMEF – “RMEF understands the importance and role that private ranches play in the Paradise Valley as supplying vital winter range to elk herds migrating out of Yellowstone Park each year. We feel it is important to support activities like the elk hazing program which, in part, mitigate some of the impacts of elk and cattle interactions on these important private lands.”

(Photo credit: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)