Elk NetworkRMEF Adopts Wisconsin State Wildlife Area

Conservation | September 28, 2018

You’ve probably seen the adopt-a-highway signs where you live. Individuals, families or organizations commit to adopt stretches of highway to remove litter and improve their overall appearance and effectiveness.

Wisconsin has a similar program that allows favorite fish and wildlife areas to be adopted for the sake of better management and improvement. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation stepped up to answer the call. RMEF provided funding in the form of a state grant to adopt the Dike 17 Wildlife Area in the Black River State Forest which is connected to the Clam Lake elk herd. Besides elk, it’s also important home to other mammals, reptiles, birds and insects, and features vital riparian habitat as a fishery. Nearly a quarter of the 5,000-acre Dike 17 Wildlife Area encompasses a waterfowl refuge.

An interactive display and signage provides a brief history and background of the immediate area.

RMEF now has the opportunity to better work with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to improve the area and apply habitat improve projects over the next three years.

“The Adopt a Fish and Wildlife Area program is a great way for groups to join in and give back to their communities and the environment in a special way,” says Tim Lizotte, DNR wildlife supervisor. “This program is not limited to conservation organizations, but includes school clubs, scouts, businesses, faith-based groups and other interested groups. This is a unique opportunity for groups to invest in their local natural resources while building teamwork and comradery.”

(Photo source: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)