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Volunteer News | August 7, 2012

6×6 Penny Raffle: Money by the Bucket-

By Brenda Kruncos, Big Bull Falls Chapter Chair

Games at a banquet not only lighten the mood, but can rake in big bucks. Here’s one that has made one chapter thousands over the years.


  • 1,000 double-roll theatre tickets with last four digits of the serial number beginning in 0001
  • 100 double-roll theatre tickets (in a different color) for the Bonus Tickets (any serial number)
  • 1 large bucket or box with a cover
  • 2 ticket buckets (one labeled “6×6 Penny Raffle” and the other labeled “6×6 Penny Raffle Bonus”)
  • Calculator
  • Items to use as raffle prizes
  • A rifle to use as the Bonus Prize
  • Team of two committee members (add a second team of two if banquet attendance is more than 150)

Set Up:

Cut a hole into the cover of the large bucket or box big enough for a hand to fit through. Take the 1,000-ticket roll and tear the matching pairs of tickets apart on the perforation, fold each pair in half (right sides together), place them into the large bucket or box and mix them up.

Buyers draw one ticket at a time, at random, out of the large bucket. They are charged in pennies the last four digits on the ticket. When they are done drawing, the total value of all their tickets is rounded up to the nearest dollar. If they draw a ticket with a serial number ending higher than 600, they are charged $6 total for their tickets. If the serial number on a ticket ends with six, they get to draw a ticket from the Bonus Ticket roll for the rifle prize.

It’s best if teams of at least two people work this raffle. One committee member watches as people draw their tickets and also makes sure they get their earned Bonus Tickets, while the other adds up the numbers on the tickets on a calculator as they are drawn. After every ticket is drawn, let the buyer know how much money he/she has spent so far, giving them the option of drawing more tickets. If they haven’t drawn a ticket that ends with a six, encourage them to continue drawing for one so they will earn a Bonus Ticket for a chance to win the rifle.

As the tickets are drawn from the large bucket, tear each in half, giving one half to the buyer and depositing the other half in the 6×6 Penny Raffle bucket for the prize drawing held later in the evening. If the buyer draws a ticket with a serial number ending in six, that ticket doubles as their ticket for the prize drawing. Remember to also give them one half of a Bonus Ticket from the bonus double-roll and put the other half into the 6×6 Penny Raffle Bonus bucket for the rifle drawing.

Tips and hints:

  • Out of 1,000 raffle tickets, only 100 will end with a six (great odds!).
  • If this raffle sells out, you will make $4,200.
  • Budget your expenses conservatively. Do not spend a lot of money on the raffle prizes. The main draw for this game is the bonus rifle prize.
  • If you have more than 150 attendees, separate the raffle tickets into two large buckets, divide the Bonus Ticket roll in half and have two Penny Raffle and Penny Raffle Bonus buckets available so that two teams can sell tickets at the same time.