Elk NetworkOutside Magazine Highlights RMEF Conservation Mission

Conservation | March 10, 2018

Below is a portion of an article published by Outside Magazine that highlights the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and its ongoing commitment to public lands, public access, elk, other wildlife and the conservation of wild landscapes.

At a time when public land and access to it have become divisive topics, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation exemplifies a localized, consensus-building approach to conservation. Since 1984, it has acquired more than 636,000 acres of private property and opened it to public access, usually by conveying it to the federal government. Another 594,000 acres have been placed under conservation easements, and the group’s restoration and preservation work has touched more than 7 million acres. 

“When we do management in elk habitat, that may benefit 20 or 25 other species that are out there,” says Blake Henning, the foundation’s chief conservation officer. “I always try to tell people elk are a great symbol that allows us to raise money to do habitat work—money you otherwise wouldn’t get.”

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(Photo source: Outside Magazine)