Elk NetworkOregon Commission Approves Purchase of New Property for Minam River Wildlife Area

Conservation | August 12, 2021

Below is a news release from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission approved the purchase of nearly 5,000 acres of land along the Minam River as part of Phase one of a project that will eventually create the 15,000-acre Minam River Wildlife Area.

ODFW, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Hancock Natural Resource Group are partnering on this a project to purchase property in Wallowa and Union County along the Minam River. This will permanently protect crucial big game winter range and provide habitat for salmon, bulltrout, and Oregon Conservation Strategy Species including white-headed woodpecker, Rocky Mountain tailed frog and several priority bat species.

Located about 30 miles northeast of La Grande, the property is currently managed by Hancock Natural Resource Group with a recent appraised value of $18.7 million. Final purchase price will be determined by updated appraisals. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) has committed a minimum of $5.15 million apportioned to both phases. Phase one funding came from RMEF and the Wildlife Restoration Program (a federal excise tax on guns and ammunition).

Completing phase two is contingent on securing additional funding through a USDA Forest Legacy program grant, which will be matched with RMEF funds to purchase the remaining 10,964 acres. Oregon Hunters Association, the Oregon chapter of FNAWS and other organizations are also contributing funds towards the purchase.

The properties will be added to ODFW’s current 440-acre Minam River Wildlife Area, turning it into one of the state’s major wildlife areas providing wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation opportunities. Future management will be determined through the adoption of a Wildlife Area Management Plan. Managers envision the property as a “working landscape” where livestock grazing and active forest management assist with habitat management goals. ODFW will continue to pay fire protection and in-lieu of property taxes for parcels in each respective county.

Recreation opportunities on the new property could include hunting, fishing, hiking, birdwatching, horseback riding, kayaking and other activities. A footbridge over the Minam River is being considered to facilitate improved public access to the historic Minam River Trail, which travels for six miles through the property. The trail connects recreationists to the Wallowa Mountains and Eagle Cap Wilderness in the neighboring National Forest.

(Photo source:  Keith Kohl/Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)