Elk NetworkOne Shot Frees Interlocked Bucks

General | February 7, 2020

Imagine coming across two active whitetail bucks with their antlers hopelessly interlocked and you try to shoot them free with one pull of the trigger. That’s exactly what went through the mind of Scott Kallweit.


Russ Wright, an avid hunter, spotted the struggling deer south of Calgary, Alberta, and made a call for help to Alberta Fish and Wildlife, which dispatched Sergeant Kallweit to the scene.


“Scott grabbed his shotgun with some slugs,” Wright told CTV News. “Just one shot, the deer got up, took off, it was such a cool scene. I’ve never witnessed that in my life, probably never will. It was a once in a lifetime thing.”


“The shot was definitely dynamic but it is simply a matter of waiting for a good opportunity when both deer are still, and a safe shot can be made,” Kallweit told CTV News.


Go here to watch a video of the incident.


(Photo source: Russ Wright/CTV News)