Elk NetworkNewest Supreme Court Justice Shares Office with Bull Elk

General | October 10, 2017

When Neil Gorsuch joined the U.S. Supreme Court this year, he inherited both the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s office as well as Scalia’s bull elk mount. Scalia shot it on a hunting trip in Colorado in 2003 but the mount was too large to fit in his home so he placed it in his office.

After Scalia’s death, the mount was shipped to Scalia’s former law clerk in Colorado. He then asked Gorsuch if he would like to have it for his new office. Gorsuch accepted and the elk mount returned to its previous position facing the justice’s desk.

“Turns out, we’re both native Coloradans. We both received a rather shocking summons to Washington,” Gorsuch told the Associated Press. “Neither of us is ever going to forget Justice Scalia.”

(Photo source: Christopher J. Scalia)