Elk NetworkNew Video Series Helps Prepare Colorado Hunters

General | May 5, 2021

Below is a news release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

In an effort to aid hunters in being as knowledgeable as they possibly can before heading out into the field, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has released videos with wildlife officers addressing the questions they frequently get asked.

“Colorado wildlife officers pride themselves on knowing their districts better than anyone else,” said Jason Duetsch, Area Wildlife Manager for CPW. “This knowledge is invaluable for hunters trying to make decisions on where to apply and/or start scouting. In an inclusive effort to better inform hunters, we’re happy to be the first state in the nation to offer authentic online content straight from the local game warden’s mouth. No script. No wannabe experts. Each officer brings to light answers to the most often asked questions they receive in their district, including access and issues that are germane to that specific portion of Colorado.”

Hunters can access these videos on CPW’s YouTube page in a playlist titled Hunting Colorado.

“Find your unit, find your district wildlife manager, find your game this fall,” Duetsch said.

Duetsch came up with this idea while he was in a previous role in the agency as the statewide hunter outreach coordinator. Hear more from Duetsch on this video idea in this Colorado Outdoors podcast episode.

Over 120 videos on the playlist feature the wildlife officers discussing the districts they cover, or the Game Management Units where hunters apply for licenses in. It was targeted to aid big game hunters, but other hunting opportunities are also discussed for certain areas of the state.

As much as sportspersons love hunting, one of the challenges can be venturing into a new area or unit and not having the same familiarity and knowledge to navigate in order to set themselves up for a successful hunt.This new, invaluable resource we are offering is aimed to make our hunters as informed as possible so they can have a safe, ethical and successful time in the field.

“This would be another tool in the toolbox for hunters or potential hunters to be able to use to try to make decisions on where they want to hunt or where they want to start with their scouting efforts,” Duetsch said. “We are making our officers and agency more relevant in a different way that is a little more digestible or easily found online on YouTube, versus trying to track down an officer.”

Wildlife officers answer frequently asked questions they receive, talk about access points, landownership in their GMUs, season movements of animals and other specifics to that area to help people plan their hunt.

This was not meant to be a hunting forecast or digest. It was designed to help hunters make a decision on where to hunt or what to look for when beginning their scouting process in advance of their hunts.

(Photo source:  Colorado Parks and Wildlife)