Elk NetworkNew to Elk Hunting? Try this Free, Online Course to Get Started

General | July 15, 2017

If you’re actively involved in hunting, you already know the drill. If you want to try hunting but don’t have a family member or a buddy to show you the ropes, it can be quite a challenge—even somewhat overwhelming.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) joined forced with Oregon State University’s Professional and Continuing Education Department to offer a free online course that makes it easy to learn the basics.

“This course is comprehensive, taking new hunters from what they need in terms of tags, gear, equipment all the way through to scouting, hunting techniques, taking a shot and butchering,” said Chris Willard, ODFW recruitment and retention coordinator. “Unlike much how-to-hunt material available for adults, it’s also written with the total beginner in mind, and doesn’t assume the learner has experience hunting.”

You can go at your own pace, stop and start as needed, or skip ahead and just review the topics that interest you.

Go here to try it out.

(Photo source: Mark Tolar)