Elk NetworkMontana Offers Clarification Regarding Elk Tags

General | August 2, 2018

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) wants western Montana elk hunters to know about a clarification in the regulations relative to the Elk B license (002-00) for Upper Clark Fork districts 210, 211, 212, 215 and 216.

The wording in the printed 2018 Montana Hunting Regulations has led to confusion about whether the Elk B license can be used on public lands during the archery-only season.  Mike Thompson, FWP Region 2 Wildlife Manager, clarified that the license cannot be used on public lands during archery-only season.  It is valid only on private lands.

“Unfortunately, the wording is confusing in our regulations that are already printed, but we will make a clarification in the online regulations and are working to get the word out to hunters ahead of the season,” Thompson said.

The clarified regulations will be available online soon at fwp.mt.gov, under “Hunting” and then “Regulations.”  They say that in HDs 210, 211, 212, 215 and 216, the Elk B License is valid for antlerless elk on private lands only (excluding Weyerhaeuser, Stimson and The Nature Conservancy) from Aug. 15 through Oct. 19.

Then, from Oct. 20 through Feb. 15, the license is valid on those same private lands and on public DNRC lands that are located outside National Forest boundaries and FWP Wildlife Management Areas.  The license is also valid on the Montana State Prison Ranch in HD 212 from Oct. 20 through Feb. 15, in compliance with Prison Ranch access regulations.

“The bottom line and most important clarification is that the 002-00 Elk B License is never valid for hunting on public lands during the archery-only elk season,” Thompson said.

The 002-00 B License is an unlimited license and will be available for purchase over-the-counter at any license provider or online at fwp.mt.gov from August 6 through October 19.

(Photo source: Don Evjen)