Elk NetworkWho’s Your Regional Director? Meet the Newest Team Members

Volunteer News | May 20, 2021

Levi Wofford


RD Nebraska and Iowa

Hometown: Aurora, Nebraska

Started with RMEF: March 31, 2021


Where do you live currently? I moved to the eastern side of Nebraska 2 years ago to live in Herman, a little bitty town with 310 people right on the Missouri River. It’s a neat little community.

What is your education and career background? I got a degree in Communication studies at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Then I went back to my hometown and worked at a local agriculture coop. I started as an RD with RMEF and did that from 2015-2017. But I had to walk away. I had young kids, and the time on the road was tough. I went back to work at the coop for 2 more years. When I saw the opportunity to come back to the elk foundation, I took the chance, and I am excited to be back at it!

What’s one reason you’re a good fit for this RD job? I am a Nebraska native with a lot of good connections between the two states, and I am a very results-driven person.  I want to build on what was already started in Nebraska and Iowa and grow the fundraising efforts.  I am extroverted hunter who loves to talk to people and hear hunting stories.

How many kids do you have and what are their ages? I have three kids: Lux, 9, Ayla, 7 and Ace, 5.

What’s one interesting fact about you? My dad was a high school wrestling coach, so I ended up wrestling from about three years old to about 25 years old. I wrestled at the University of Nebraska.

What are your goals as an RD?  I want to grow Nebraska and Iowa to a $500,000 profit center in the next few years and make RMEF events the event everyone wants to get into. I want to have fun and raise as much money as we can to better protect our public lands for future generations.

Clint Salisbury


RD, Michigan

Hometown: Temperance, Michigan

Started with RMEF: April 19, 2021


What is your education and career background? I went to the University of Findlay in Ohio, on a wrestling scholarship. I worked for a couple years in sales, then I went back to Findlay as a graduate assistant. I got my master’s in business administration while working as assistant wrestling coach. Then I moved to Colorado to work in sales. The last four years I worked with a company in the hunting industry.

What’s one reason you’re a good fit for this RD job? I’m Michigan born and bred. Most of my family lives here. I have 40 first cousins that are all Michigan people. I grew up a Midwest whitetail hunter, and in the last ten years, I moved to Colorado and was very fortunate to be successful in 7 of 9 years of public land archery hunting. I think the cool thing I can bring to the table is that public land elk hunting is an attainable thing for a Midwesterner, and it can be done because of RMEF’s efforts throughout the country.

What’s one interesting fact about you? I have 10 family members that all were state place winners in wrestling. Five of them became state champions.

Do you have any kids furry or human? I have a two-year-old wire-haired pointing griffon named Tillie. She’s a great pheasant dog. Every weekend in January this year we were making a 4-hour trip out to eastern Colorado to chase public birds.

What are your goals as an RD?  To establish great relationships with all the Michigan chapters and helping my local Michiganders realize that their elk hunting dreams can become a reality with the help of RMEF.

Tyler Fisher


RD, South Texas

Hometown: League City, Texas

Started with RMEF: February 23, 2021


Can you describe your education and career background? I graduated from West Texas A and M in Amarillo, Texas, with a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife biology. While I was in school, I was doing internships on different ranches. I eventually became a ranch manager. I would mow, build fence and I guided a variety of different hunts from whitetail to upland birds. I was bouncing around between two ranches, one in Hondo and one in La Pryor

What did you like about working on a ranch? The best part of the job was the people you got to meet. People from all over the state would come out and do a deer hunt or exotic hunts. At one of the ranches, we were getting people from all over the nation—New York, Connecticut, California, Washington, because we were one of the top outfitters for bird hunts in the San Antonio area.

What’s one reason you’re a good fit for this RD job? I’m a people person. I’ve never met a stranger. I can relate to a lot of people in different ways, and I’m really easy to talk to. It’s funny because when I was a kid, I was always the shy one.

Do you have any kids furry or human? I’ve got a chocolate lab named Tripp and he acts like a human sometimes. He’s every bit of 80 pounds. When he’s sleeping, he takes up the whole bed.

What’s an interesting fact about you? I have a huge span of music knowledge. I know anything from classic rock to hip hop and rap, all the way from old country music to what we call red dirt.

What are your goals as an RD? Right now, it’s to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. But the goal we set for the state for next year is to make Texas a million-dollar state and keep growing from there.