Elk NetworkLuera Peak Public Access Project

Conservation , onX Public Access | November 3, 2017

It takes different types of tools to handle different types of projects.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation knows that all too well.

It reached into its conservation toolbox to pull out funding in the form of a two-mile, right-of-way road easement to keep the door open to 52,000 acres of public and State Trust Lands in west-central New Mexico.

That landscape is valued by hunters and wildlife alike.

It provides quality habitat for elk, deer, black bear, wild turkey and other animal and bird life in the Luera Mountains.

The project is a joint effort between RMEF, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, and the New Mexico State Land Office, and highlights the positives that come from working together.

Without such cooperation, there would be no access for sportsmen and women to this high desert habitat.

Opening and improving public access lies at the heart of RMEF’s conservation mission.

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