Elk NetworkLeica Sport Optics marks 30 years of pioneering rangefinding with the remastered Geovid R series

Sponsored Content | October 7, 2022

Leading German optics brand Leica Sport Optics has relaunched its renowned Geovid R series, 30 years after this pioneering combination of optical performance and precision laser rangefinder technology was first unveiled to the public. The perfect premium entry-level rangefinding binoculars with a value driven price point and all new look and feel. Geovid R series is completely updated with a new ergonomic design which puts the controls perfectly at the fingertips of the user. The low weight and compact design combined with Leica’s best-in-class optics and precise laser technology means the relaunched Geovid R series is a reliable companion for hunters and shooters in any landscape and environment.

There are four models of rangefinding binoculars in the remastered Geovid R series, 8×42, 10×42, 8×56 and 15×56, to deliver accuracy over close, mid and long-range distances and in low light. The precision and quality at this value will ensure everyone from bowhunters to long range shooters can replace guesswork with accuracy in the field. With a measurement range of 2,000+ yds/1,800+ m and the Equivalent Horizontal Range (EHR) ballistics function giving the user significantly greater certainty of a well-placed shot, at any angle, these are the ideal rangefinding binoculars for anyone entering the Leica Geovid world. Users can now easily switch between distance measurement readings of yards and meters.



Geovid 8×42 R (Order #: 40811)

  • 8x magnification for steady viewing
  • Generous field of view: 405ft/135m
  • Reliable observation and measuring, well into dusk


Geovid 10×42 R (Order #: 40812)

  • 10x magnification for reliable identification of game
  • Precise measurements, even over longer distances
  • Impressive field of view: 345ft/115m


Geovid 8×56 R (Order #: 40813)

  • Developed specifically for low-light situations
  • Exceptionally bright thanks to 56mm lens
  • 8x magnification for steady viewing
  • Wide field of view: 357ft/118m

Geovid 15×56 R (Order #: 40814)

  • Tailored to the needs of western hunters and long-range shooters
  • 15x magnification for maximum detail recognition


The Leica Geovid R series boasts a 10-year passport warranty and 30-year lifetime warranty and is available now to order from Leica dealers across the United States.

For more infprmation, visit: bit.ly/LeicaGeovidRWebsite