Elk NetworkLeica sets new standard in sport optics: Introducing the Geovid Pro 10×42 AB+ with revolutionary Shot Probability Analysis

Sponsored Content | March 15, 2024

Leading German optics brand Leica once again revolutionizes the hunting industry unveiling the Geovid Pro 10×42 AB+, a groundbreaking binocular setting a new benchmark in precision and features. This industry-leading package integrates Leica’s renowned optics and a top-tier laser rangefinder which is further enhanced with the precision of Applied Ballistics® Elite software. Leica is proud to be the first optics manufacturer to introduce ‘Shot Probability Analysis’, an innovative and exclusive feature, designed to significantly enhance shooting and hunting accuracy, offering unparalleled support in real-time decision-making.

The state-of-the-art ‘Shot Probability Analysis’ technology was developed by leading ballistics software manufacturer Applied Ballistics®. This groundbreaking feature calculates the probability of hitting the desired target by evaluating the reliability of four main parameters – distance, wind speed, rifle precision and muzzle velocity of the bullet. After providing variable input data, users receive a hit probability percentage shown both in the Leica Hunting App and the Geovid Pro AB+ display. This advanced technology supports ethical, safe and informed shots.



The Geovid Pro AB+ offers fast and precise range finding with ballistic solutions in a fraction of a second. The binoculars provide individual measurements and a scanning mode, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions. With a maximum range of 3,200 yards or more and accuracy of +/- 0.5 yards, they are ideal for any long-range hunting or shooting application. The Geovid Pro range is equipped with Leica’s signature best-in-class optics that deliver exceptional performance, highlighted by outstanding color fidelity, specially coated prisms and enhanced stray-light and reflection correction.

The inclusion of Leica ProTrack further enhances the capabilities of the Geovid Pro AB+ offering the ability to plot GPS mapping points in BaseMap and Google Maps, elevating in-field tracking, surveying and game recovery to unprecedented levels of precision.

The Geovid Pro 10×42 AB+ will be available to order now at a retail price of $3,499.99 USD. Floating straps and a tripod adapter are available as additional accessories.