Elk NetworkLegislation Seeks to Expand Access to Public Shooting Ranges, Support Conservation

General | March 24, 2023

Congressional members reintroduced legislation to promote and expand access to safe recreational target shooting practice. The bipartisan Range Access Act would require the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to ensure that each national forest and BLM district has at least one designated public recreational shooting range that does not require a user fee, thus promoting wildlife conservation efforts and supporting local economies.

By making it easier to recreate, this bill will enhance Pittman-Robertson funding that flows toward state wildlife and fish management agencies. Under the Pittman-Robertson Act, an excise tax is levied on the purchase of ammunition, firearms and archery equipment that funds critically important conservation programs. Since being enacted in 1937, more than $16 billion has been transferred to states.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and other outdoor and conservation groups support the legislation.

(Photo credit: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)