Elk NetworkKentucky Finding May Be Linked to Extinct Elk

General | October 8, 2018

Can a leisurely hike in the woods take you back hundreds or even thousands of years earlier? That may be what happened in northern Kentucky.

According to WLEX-TV, a man from Louisville found a unique looking fossil in a small pool of water just off of Vaughn Branch Stream. Since then, a number of scientists tried to figure out where it came from.

Dr. Chris Widga, a paleontologist at East Tennessee State University, claims it is from the extinct eastern elk.

“You never know what you can find. It is so amazing to think that, you know, you’re walking in the woods right here, Woodland Elk were hundreds or thousands of years ago. And we think it’s pretty rare to come up with a fossil of this kind,” Deborah White, executive director at the Woods and Waters Land Trust, told WLEX-TV.

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(Photo source: WLEX-TV)