Elk NetworkIdaho Couple Makes Elk Calling History

General | April 5, 2018

A married couple from Rexburg, Idaho, just made history by becoming the first wife and husband to be crowned elk calling world champions.

Marisa Pagano recently won the women’s division at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s 2018 World Elk Calling Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“It was really exciting, it was a good time. What’s wonderful is that there was a lot of support and a lot of people that were congratulating me and it was really just neat to be able to meet people that were there at the competition as well and be supported by everybody there and be cheered on,” Marisa Pagano, told KIDK-TV.

Marisa’s husband, Damian, won the men’s division at the 2017 championships.

“I had a feeling the whole time she was going to win because we’ve been practicing hours and hours over the last couple of months. Two months ago she couldn’t even use a diaphragm and she goes from not being able to use it at all to winning the women’s world championship. So, pretty blessed and humbled,” Damian told KIDK-TV.