Elk NetworkHunters Help Feed the Hungry in Idaho

General | July 9, 2020

Idahoans are enjoying some highly nutritious, organic elk meet at a time when it’s most-needed thanks to a cooperative effort between hunters and several other organizations.

In an effort to reduce crop damage, Idaho Department of Fish and Game staffers previously removed approximately 200 elk in the southcentral part of the state. A nonprofit organization called Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry processed and distributed the elk meat to nine food banks which then forwarded it to people in need.

“Twenty thousand pounds of meat, and then a quarter pound of protein for a meal produces 80,000 meals,” Jeff Shroeder, executive director of Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry, told KSAW-TV. “We had a good supply that we were able to give since March. That is so needed, by so many people. Especially at this time with this coronavirus issue. It reaches more people and people that are really in need for this good quality food too.”

Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry operates thanks to hunters willing to donate surplus meat as well as monetary donations from hunters and non-hunters alike.

(Photo source: Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry)