Elk NetworkHunt Ongoing For Bear That Attacked Teenager

General | July 12, 2017

A camp counselor who teaches wilderness survival has his own survival tale to tell. A black bear grabbed his head with one paw and then bit into his head and dragged 19-year-old Dylan as he slept along a lakefront northwest of Boulder, Colorado.

“The crunching noise was the teeth scraping against the skull as it dug in,” Dylan told Denver7.

The bear dragged him about 10 feet. Fellow staffers screamed and Dylan fought until it let go and eventually left camp on its own. Now wildlife officials are looking to find it and put it down.

“That’s really not common black bear behavior. It is a dangerous bear so we can’t tolerate animals like that,” said Jennifer Churchill of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).
CPW received more than 100 calls about bear conflicts over the past week alone.