Elk NetworkHelp Find Elk Calves in Wisconsin

General | March 14, 2018

Live in Wisconsin? Want a really, really up-close-and-personal wildlife experience? If that’s the case, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) needs your help.

The DNR is seeking volunteers to help biologists find elk calves so they can collar, take measurements and track them throughout their lives. That information will help wildlife managers gain valuable insights that will impact elk management in the future.

Volunteers must be able to walk long distances and travel through dense wooded cover, in remote areas of the northern or western Wisconsin forests. The planned searches will take place between May 19th and June 24th.

To work in the Jackson County area near Black River Falls, call (715) 634-7467 or (715) 284-1468. You may also email Scott.Roepke@wisconsin.gov or steven.meurett@wisconsin.gov.

To work in Sawyer, Bayfield or Ashland Counties near Clam Lake, call (715) 634-7464 or (715) 634-7467. You may also email Joshua.Spiegel@wisconsin.gov or Laine.Stowell@wisconsin.gov.

(Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)