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Sponsored Content | March 30, 2023

 Long Range University

Long Range University exists to help you make quick, ethical, one shot kills in the field. The core of our content is contained in our L1, L2, and L3 classes which utilize a building block approach to provide education and training that increases your probability of a lethal hit. Interwoven throughout all three classes is a training strategy that improves your ability to function under pressure and significantly extend the range and conditions under which you can make that ethical shot. At Long Range University you will learn to recognize when the conditions are not suitable to ensure a lethal hit and when you should send it.

You will use our Gunwerks Shooting systems during the L1 and L2 classes but what you learn will apply to any long range shooting system. Using a Gunwerks rifle system and ammunition for this course facilitates and accelerates the learning process. This allows you to focus on the core class content and leave equipment concerns to the instructor. Put wear and tear on our rifle not yours.

In our L3 class we encourage you to bring your personal rifle regardless of manufacturer. This is where you really learn the capability and limits of your “system” which includes your marksmanship ability, your rifle’s capability, your ballistic program, and your ability to compensate for wind and other environmental conditions, all in a realistic mountain hunting environment. Gunwerks recently added the pristine Sheep Mountain training venue outside of Cody, Wyoming overlooking the scenic Buffalo Bill Reservoir. The goal of this course is to prepare hunters for mountain hunting using real-world scenarios. The location provides opportunities to truly test one’s abilities with extended range, high-angle shots, and mountain wind conditions. Where better to train for that sheep, mountain goat, ibex or other high mountain game than in the type of terrain they call home and with the distances, angles, and winds you’ll likely have to contend with.

Our Classes:

  • L1 Long Range Ballistics
  • L2 Advanced Ballistics and Wind
  • L3 Mountain Shooting Application

Revic Optics

While at the range or in the field, Revic Optics creates shooting solutions and supports shooting positions that help you find targets and assess hits. These tools include:

Revic BR4 Ballistic Rangefinder

The new Revic BR4 Ballistic Rangefinder is the culmination of 15 years of ballistic rangefinding expertise and technological advancement. The BR4 will range up to 4,000 yards and provide a shooting solution to its maximum range – unlike its predecessors. It features the new Revic solver with advanced wind and earth based effects to provide accurate, ultra-fast corrections in MOA, MILS, or Shoot-To-Range for use with BDC turrets. It can be programmed via a connected Bluetooth device, and with Over The Air Update protocols it has access to the latest software improvements. Technology has come a long way from a small sheet of paper taped to a stock and this is the same vision and technological innovation that will continue to bring long range shooting into the future.

Revic Acura Spotting Scope

The Revic Acura Spotting Scope was designed for the long range shooter. Featuring a fixed power reticle eyepiece, the Acura spotting scope excels in shooter/spotter scenarios, enabling the operator to spot impacts and give accurate calls and corrections to the shooter. The wide angle fixed power eyepiece offers an incredible eyebox with a clear view to catch bullet trace and quick target acquisition.

With the included variable power eyepiece, extra low dispersion glass, and superior coatings the Acura Spotting Scope provides a crisp, sharp, distortion free view of your chosen target. The lightweight composite and aluminum body overmolded with rubber body armor and the included neoprene cover ensures the rugged durability you need. When you need to call the shot, the answer is clear – The Revic Acura Spotter, by Gunwerks.

Available in two models:

Revic S80a 80mm Objective: 22x fixed power eyepiece, variable 27-55x eyepiece

Revic S65a 65mm Objective: 18x fixed power eyepiece, variable 22-45x eyepiece

Revic Stabilizer Hunter Tripod

Every long range hunter needs a quality tripod for both glassing and shooting. Tripod shooting opens up a wide range of opportunities that the prone-only hunter otherwise misses. We’ve configured this setup for the perfect all-around field application, balancing weight and stability, features and simplicity, quality and affordability.

  • ARCA dovetail plate with 2 included ARCA rails.
  • Ball head with pan feature & multiple tensioning knobs
  • 5 Section Carbon Fiber legs
  • 3 angle stops on legs
  • Interchangeable Rubber and Spike feet
  • Max height: 66”
  • Collapsed Length: 19.75”
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Includes: Instructions, Allen Wrenches, Weight Hook, Second Arca-Swiss Plate, Carrying Case

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