Elk NetworkGeorgia Shooters on Target Thanks to RMEF Volunteers

Volunteer News | March 17, 2021

In 2015, the University of North Georgia (UNG), the state’s military university, founded its own Olympic pistol shooting club. Led by students, the goal was to recruit others and then learn together about safe and proper marksmanship while also competing in various intercollegiate and open shooting events.

And right from the get-go, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation played a role. Thanks to funds raised by Georgia volunteers, the club’s members received RMEF grant funding to purchase targets, pellets and other materials.

As the club grew, it received more RMEF funding generated by volunteers through and including 2018. And student shooters found success along the way. Among other events, they competed at both the collegiate and Open NRA Pistol Sectionals at The Citadel and other out-of-state matches including a U.S. Junior Olympics qualifier.

In addition to hosting home matches, the Pistol Club also assisted with a number of on-campus events and fostered a relationship with UNG’s NCAA Division I Rifle Team. These activities helped participants develop safety skills, respect for firearms, teamwork and a competitive mentality to assist in their future careers and life experiences.

“Our volunteers and our members in Georgia care,” said Brian Robinson, RMEF regional director. “They show that with their energy, their passion and with their pocketbooks. The dollars they raise go to so many worthy projects like mentored hunts, shooting sports programs and activities that promote hunting and conservation. To them, we say, ‘Thank you!”