Elk NetworkGear 101: Zeiss 10×42 Victory RF Binoculars

Gear 101 | November 19, 2018

In 2018, Zeiss combined their world-class glass with some very modern electronics—rolling Bluetooth technology, a rangefinder and a ballistics calculator all into one compact binocular. It’s the new Victory RF line, and we’re going to walk you through some of the key features.

To start, Zeiss uses the highest quality glass to give you the best image imaginable. With the newly developed Ultra-FL lens, light transmission is a staggering 92% providing outstanding image quality. Multiple fluoride lenses made from the highest quality schott glass ensure even better color reproduction and high detail resolution.

Under the hood, these Zeiss binos have a built-in rangefinder, which eliminates the need for a separate rangefinder in the field.

The rangefinder will range objects from 10 to 2,500 yards can be easily accessed at the tip of your finger. Simply push down and release the button after you find your target. It features a continuous scan mode as well.

Perhaps the most innovative feature is the integration of a ballistics calculator right into the binocular itself. Using Zeiss hunting app, you can build a custom ballistic profile for up to 9 different loads and then load them into the binocular’s database via Bluetooth. Zeiss’ internal computer takes into consideration temperature, barometric pressure, altitude, incline and decline with holdovers in inches, mils and moa.

And even if you don’t have a Victory RF binocular, the Zeiss hunting app comes in handy as it features a customizable dashboard with weather info, hunting diary, and compass.

The Victory RF 10x42s have a price tag of $3,400, which puts them in the high-end glass category. But use them for one season in the field, and you’ll never look back.

Learn more at https://www.zeiss.com/sports-optics/en_us/hunting/home.html