Elk NetworkGear 101 – Warn Portable Winches

Gear 101 | October 6, 2021

A winch and the proper accessories can be the difference between getting home safely {pause} or a long night in the elk woods if you come across a downed tree or get stuck. The Warn Hub wireless app goes hand-in-hand to make that process as simple as possible.

Confront any unplanned situation on your next hunting trip with a Warn winch, HUB Wireless Receiver and accompanying App for Apple iOS and Android. With this versatile setup for your truck or side by side, you’ll easily be able to winch yourself out of any bad situation without the limitations of a standard wired winch remote.

Setting the Wireless Receiver is a breeze. Mount the receiver inside the engine compartment around the radiator out to the winch and plug it into the control pack. Before you go into the field, download the app. From there it’s a very simple process to pair the phone with your winch by following the instructions that the app provides. Updates to the app download automatically as Warn introduces new features.

Now you’re not tethered or tied directly to the winch. For safety reasons you can be clear away from any heavy vehicles and taunt winch cables. The app allows you to stand as far as 100 feet from your rig while operating the winch on your phone. It gives you that ability to be flexible and move around. By having the phone app, you can slow down, stop and rerig all at the same time without going back to the vehicle.

No cell service? No problem. Elk like remote places, so that’s where you’ll likely be chasing them. One of the great features of the Warn app is that it pairs with your winch via Bluetooth instead of requiring cell phone service.

Use your winch as a tool to remove a fallen tree from the road if fire restrictions don’t allow you to use a chainsaw. Or use it to help that unfortunate soul you come across stuck in the ditch or over the bank. Or use it to help pull an animal up that last slope to the road for another hunter.

If an unexpected storm comes through and dumps snow, or conditions turn muddy, it’s easy to slide off the road on your way to or from your favorite honey hole. The Hub app allows extra flexibility as you maneuver your vehicle back onto solid ground.

For maximum versatility, pair the app with Warn’s Multi Mount winch kit. Let’s be serious, most people who get stuck don’t want to continue going the same direction. The Multi Mount allows you to run the winch on the front or back of the vehicle depending on which way you need to go. It also keeps you from having to permanently mount your winch to one vehicle. If you have multiple vehicles and you have them both wired the same way, you can run that same winch on either of them.

The app is compatible with almost every new Warn truck winch from 8000-16.5 lbs., except the XD9i and ZEON Platinum, which already has built-in wireless control.  On the utility vehicle side, the Hub app is compatible with every winch Warn currently manufactures except the2000 DC.

When using the HUB app, you’ll be able to monitor your vehicle’s battery. On WARN AXON winches for ATVs and side by sides, you can also monitor how hard your winch is working with a load and motor temperature indicator. Your phone will even vibrate when battery of the vehicle or the voltage is dropping.

The Hub Wireless Receiver is just one more way that Warn is helping ensure you can safely get in and out of elk country in search of that next big bull.

Learn more at at: WARN Industries