Elk NetworkGear 101 – Mathews Bow Builder

Gear 101 | June 5, 2020

Mathews is known for making some of the best bows in the business. And thanks to the bow builder feature on their website, you can customize your very own Mathews from the comfort of your couch. Here’s how.

To begin, go to bowbuilder.com. The first thing you’ll want to do is create a free account so you can save your bow once you customize it.

Now that you have an account, scroll under bows, find bow builder and click.

Before you get started, you should know that this isn’t for the beginning bowhunter. This is for a bow hunter that knows what they want and knows their specs.  If you’re just getting started, head to your local bow shop where they can take your measurements and give you the advice you need for your new setup.

If you know what you want, then start by picking your bow. Matthews has 11 models, so hopefully you know what you’re looking for. We’re going with the Mathews VXR 28. Click customize it.

From here, the process is straightforward.  In the far-right margin start at the top of the list of options. Fill it out one at a time. One note here: Be sure to click the save button to save your progress. Do not use the back arrow key that you normally would use to navigate back a page. Instead, click save twice to bring up the main menu.

The first choice is draw weight. We’ll choose 70lbs. Click save and move on to draw length.

Let’s keep building our bow. 

Now that we have the specs covered let’s start customizing some of the colors on the bow.  As you pick different colors for different components you can see what they will look like on your bow to the left.

When it comes time to choose the accessories, you can choose which ones you want or opt out

Once you are done with your bow click add to Wishlist. You can then print it out with your bow specs and take it to your local Mathews dealer or simply email it straight to them.

You’ll be shooting your new custom Mathews in no time.

Go to: https://www.mathewsinc.com/bow-builder/