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Gear 101 | May 21, 2020

When you go out to eat, do you ever order just a steak? No, you get sides, too. A salad, a baked potato.

When you buy a bow, do you ever just buy a bow? No, you need some sides there as well—a sight, a rest, arrows.

Well this year, Mathews launched the new VXR, which we featured back in November. To go with it, Mathews also launched some great-looking sides. Here’s a look.

Built specifically for the V-X-R with the Silent Connect System, the all-new Mathews Genuine Bow Sling is one beast of a sling. It’s constructed of cordura nylon and features a fully-padded shoulder strap for comfort and ease of use. The paracord attachment loops connect to the machined aluminum posts of the Silent Connect System. Heavy duty stitching at key points insures this sling will take whatever elk country is going to dish out.

The Silent Connect System comes in handy when hauling your bow up into a treestand. Mathews’ exclusive bow rope gives you ultimate confidence while getting into your stand. And, you can never have too much p-cord in elk camp.

Finally, the new Engage Limb Legs allow you to set your bow down safely at the range or in the field. Simple, silent and easy to use, the legs balance the bow without the cam or stabilizer needing to touch the ground. And the best part is…the legs can stay on the bow while you shoot.

So, there you have it. Three great new accessories from our friends at Mathews.

Learn more at: https://www.mathewsinc.com/