Elk NetworkGear 101 – Eberlestock Vapor Series

Gear 101 | October 15, 2021

The Eberlestock Vapor Pack lives up to its name as an ultralight, ultra-minimalist backcountry hunting pack. With the largest of the three options tipping the scales at only 2.35 pounds, the Vapor series will get you deep into the backcountry without weighing you down. 

The minimalist theme runs all the way through the pack’s design; it’s engineered to the bare essentials, while maintaining unparalleled durability and versatility.

The vapor pack comes in three sizes, perfect for any day trip, multi-day hunt or expedition-length adventure: The 2500 weighs 1.35 lbs, the 5000 weighs 2lbs and the 7500 in3 2.35 lbs.

All members of the Vapor Series must be paired with Eberlestock F1 Mainframe or M1 Carrier Frame. The pack can be zipped to the frame with ultra-durable zippers or buckled together with the 3 buckle sets on either side of the pack. The buckles also allow you to compress and haul game or additional gear between the pack itself and the F1 Mainframe.

Unlike the Vapor 2500, the Vapor 5000 and Vapor 7500 feature a roll-top load system in addition to front loading. This allows you to increase or decrease capacity for maximum versatility. Roll the top up to squeeze that one last game bag stuffed with rib and neck meat into your pack. Or roll the top down to compress the size of the pack.

The exterior is designed simply with just three stretch pockets. Use the one center, stretchable zipper pocket to easily access frequently needed gear. Use the two extended-depth, stretchable side pockets to hold water bottles, spotting scopes, rangefinders, bipods, etc. 

Keep your smaller items organized with two simple organizational interior pockets and set up a water system to keep hydrated with the bladder hangers and a water hose port.

The vapor series comes in 6 color options— three different solid colors and three different camos.

Vapor series packs start at $149.99 for the Vapor 2500 and goes up to $249.00 for the 7500. All Vapor series packs include a stuff sack and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

On your next hunting adventure when you “come out heavy,” make sure it’s because you’re hauling meat from your successful hunt and not hauling a pack that weighed a ton when you bought it.

Learn more at: Eberlestock