Elk NetworkFuture Wildlife Professionals Get the Lowdown on Hunting

General | April 22, 2018

If all goes as hoped and planned, a group of students at the University of Wisconsin will begin careers in natural resources and wildlife management after graduation. But what if they do so without understanding the tie between hunting and conservation?

“Along with many other professors and agency managers, I feel it’s imperative our wildlife and natural resource students know something about hunting and the people who hunt,” Dale Craven, UW professor emeritus told the Journal Sentinel.

A course hosted by Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow (CLfT) is stepping in to help. Funded and supported by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (see video above), CLfT gives future wildlife professionals keen insights and experience that will translate into future professional success.

“We have witnessed firsthand that this program changes lives and translates into a stronger understanding and more effective on-the-ground wildlife management practices,” said Blake Henning, chief conservation officer of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

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