Elk NetworkFirst-Time Elk Hunter: ‘Will They See Me? How Far Am I? Am I Having a Heart Attack?’

General | December 15, 2017

Remember the first time you came upon a bull elk? Remember how your heart rate suddenly exploded? Below are the words of Matt Bartley, events coordinator for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources during his first-ever elk hunt. Can you relate?

There they were! About 100 yards out, two bulls fighting! It’s really impressive how the human body works. I went from calm and collected to almost hysterical quicker than any thrill ride at an amusement park. I lost most of my rational thoughts and found it hard to focus. Which one is bigger? Does it matter? Will they see me? How far am I? Am I having a heart attack? I drew my gun up and could barely keep the elk in the scope with my pounding heart and hyperactive breathing.

This was it! The crosshairs were all over the place. I couldn’t shoot like this.

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(Photo source: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)