Elk NetworkEvery Elk Hunter Needs a Badlands Bino XR

Gear 101 , Sponsored Content | September 24, 2020

It’s not too far of a stretch to say binoculars are an elk hunter’s best friend. Other than the rifle and ammunition, no other piece of gear has as big of an impact on a hunt’s success. And when you figure in the amount of time you spend on glass compared to the rifle, the bino becomes even more important.

So why do so many hunters continue to abuse their friendly bino? They rely on the cheap nylon strap that came included, which lets the binocular swing around, banging on rocks, trees, and the ground. Worse yet, it gets all tangled up with your other gear.

The fanatics at Badlands couldn’t stand to see this abuse, which led them to create the most functional, innovative and optics-protecting chest-mounted bino case the world had ever seen. From this humble beginning, a whole new category was created, one that Badlands continues to lead through innovation and design.

Years of experience and feedback from hunters in the field have culminated in the Bino XR Case.

The Bino XR features Badlands’ proprietary Zip-No™ magnetic closure system. This silent and secure sealing technology allows you to access your binoculars immediately without spooking bulls. A second enclosure keeps your laser rangefinder dry, clean and at hand.

Both the bino and rangefinder pockets feature tethers to keep your gear with you, no matter what. KXO-32™ fabric, C6 DWR waterproofing and aramid fiber bartacking make the Bino XR tough as nails, and highly protective of your optics.

Plus, with the optional Bino Connect™ system, the Bino XR can attach directly to the shoulder straps on most Badlands packs. Which means fewer straps to deal with, more comfort in the field, and all your gear right where you need it most.

Take a Bino XR on one elk hunt and you’ll wonder why you waited.

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