Elk NetworkElk Fever 3 with Larry D. Jones and Ben Potter ( Elk Talk Podcast EP34)

General | August 16, 2019

In this Episode of the Elk Talk Podcast (Episode 34), Corey and Randy have the incredible honor of sitting down with Elk Calling pioneer, Larry D. Jones. Joining Larry, Corey, and Randy is legendary film-maker, Ben Potter, of Cana Outdoors, who had the vision to bring one last installment of the Elk Fever video series to life.

The legacy of Elk Fever started back in September 1986, when Larry D. Jones, Dwight Schuh, Steven Jones, and cameraman Neil Rodgers hunted Oregon and Idaho for 40 days and captured elk and elk hunting footage. After the season’s countless miles in elk country, Larry labored for over 100 hours to edit and produce Elk Fever. His vision for Elk Fever was to share the adventure of hunting elk with a bow and arrow in God’s great mountains.

The deep friendship and hunting adventures Larry shared with Dwight Schuh over the last 4 decades influenced Larry’s elk hunting passion, as well as a passion for elk hunting in countless others throughout the world. Dwight passed away on February 5, 2019 after fighting multiple Myeloma for years, but his passion is still alive through his writings, Elk Fever, Elk Fever II and now, Elk Fever III. We as elk hunters have another opportunity to celebrate those who paved the way, leaving us with a greater passion for the outdoors and all we have to cherish with elk hunting. Elk Fever III, produced by Cana Outdoors, is a tribute to the Elk Fever legacy and our shared passion for elk and elk hunting.

*the original Elk Fever video series (1986)
*how Elk Fever 3 came to be
*elk hunting in the 1980’s
*filming equipment in the 1980’s
*Larry’s favorite elk hunt
*Larry and Dwight’s true feelings for cameramen
*how Larry and Dwight first met and started hunting together
*Larry D. Jones Elk Calls
*how Elk Fever lit the fire in today’s elk hunters
*did ego overtake passion for elk hunting?
*how to capture the heart of a story through film
*behind the scenes of Elk Fever 3
*how narration and story-telling adds to the spirit of Elk Fever’s original style
*is educating other elk hunters ruining elk hunting?
*where can you watch Elk Fever 3?
*hunting partners
*Larry’s last hunt with Dwight Schuh
*will there be an Elk Fever 4?
*changes in elk hunting since 1962
*are elk more “call-shy” today?
*life lessons learned from elk hunting
*overcoming adversity – in elk hunting and in life
*and so many more nuggets of elk hunting gold from a true pioneer of elk hunting!

Watch Elk Fever 3 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Tp9S…

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