Elk NetworkElk Calf Rescued from Window Well, Reunited with Mother

General | June 3, 2022

Tis the season for calves to hit the ground across elk country. Unfortunately, sometimes the newborns run into man-made troubles. That was exactly the case in the small community of Genesee Village about 20 miles west of Denver, Colorado.

A calf fell into a window well partially covered by shrubs. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, it was there for two hours. Officer Dawson Swanson took the call but only needed a couple of minutes to hoist the little one to safety. It then immediately ran to nurse with its nearby mother. Go here to see a video of that reunion.

Helping elk and other wildlife is nothing new to Swanson. In October 2021, he helped remove a tire from the neck of a bull elk that had been there more than two years.

Wildlife officials remind homeowners to clean up around their homes and look for any potential hazards that may pose a danger to elk, deer or any other species.

(Photo credit:  Colorado Parks and Wildlife)