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Sponsored Content | July 26, 2021

What is an electric hunting bike?

Electric bicycles look like regular bicycles or mountain bikes but have several electrical components added: a motor, a battery, and a controller. These features are all seamlessly integrated into the design and allow riders to augment their physical power, but in most cases, not completely replace it.

An electric hunting bike is an extra durable eBike design with up to 60 miles of range on one charge. You can use hunting eBikes with accessories like cargo trailers, bags, and racks to help carry all your gear. Electric bikes are great for hunting because they allow you to get your kit in and your game back home without hassle.

E-Bikes built for hunting differ from electric bicycles designed for urban use; they’re not just a camouflaged standard eBike. The specially designed frame on hunting eBikes can withstand the rough terrain of the wilderness, but it’s still light enough to lift in and out of your truck or trailer.

Electric mountain and hunting bikes are similar in that they allow riders to go off-road with greater speed and less exertion. Both styles of all-terrain electric bicycles allow riders more precision on rough terrain; however, they come with some differences. Electric hunting bikes generally have a sturdier frame that can carry more weight.

An electric hunting bike also has a heavy-duty suspension system that allows it to go over varied terrain. Fat tires provide more stability so you can carry greater weights. And let’s not forget that stealth camo paint job that’s available with hunting bikes.

Benefits of fat tire electric hunting bike

Fat-tire eBikes bring a host of benefits. Whether you are following a trail, scouting, or checking your traps, fat tire electric hunting bikes can help you to traverse rough terrains quickly and comfortably. Wide tires add not only more traction but make the journey more comfortable. The sturdier design of wide tires means they can outperform standard mountain eBikes when off-road.

Increased comfort

A proper fat tire electric hunting bike is built to provide maximum comfort. Extra-wide tires on eBikes boost comfort and rollover capability. You can also adjust tire pressure to maximize comfort. You can go just about anywhere with an electric hunting bike, even if you have joint pain or other physical limitations.

The electric motor takes away the grueling effort of powering a big bike and is an excellent alternative to the weariness of walking. You’ll put less physical strain on your body and be more comfortable riding. Getting to those hard-to-reach hunting areas won’t be a problem.

Added stability

Fat tire electric hunting bikes come equipped with tires that use more rubber and contain more air than standard tires. This design allows fat tires to function with lower air pressure. That means when you hit bumps or dips out in the backcountry, the fat tires will cushion the impact. Hunters will be more comfortable when riding and won’t be jarred or lose control of the bike, even in rough terrain.

Fat tires also boost control and balance, ideal for uneven wilderness terrain. This feature also makes a fat tire eBike easier to ride, even for less experienced cyclists. All QuietKat bikes are designed to provide the rider with excellent stability and maneuverability.

For added stability when towing a trailer full of game, hunters should choose a double-wheel cart for maximum stability on rough terrain.


E-Bikes take away the physical strain that comes with traditional cycling, but they can still be a great form of exercise. An electric hunting bike will save you energy and time instead of walking at your hunting stand and bait traps.

That being said, an eBike still uses some human pedal power, so, unlike an ATV, you’re still getting out, staying fit and healthy, and getting in some exercise when you use an electric hunting bike.

What to look for in an electric hunting bike

There are many eBikes available on the market today, but they are not all created equal. If you want to ride your eBike out hunting, you need a model specifically designed for hunting conditions and considerations. Here’s what to look for in your first or next electric hunting bike.

Motor placement

Electric hunting bikes with mid-motors offer several advantages over hub motors. The first is their gear ratio, allowing riders to power the rear wheel via the same chain and gear set as the pedals. You can select a low gear to get you up steep hills or accelerate from a stop. A mid-drive motor model in low gear can power up steeper hills than a hub motor of similar power without overheating. An increased torque allows for better hill-climbing and heavier load-pulling capabilities.


The range of your bike’s battery is an essential consideration before setting out on a big hunt. You’ll need to make sure you have enough juice in your bike to get both out and back from your destination. Battery sizes are different between models, but on average, electric hunting mountain bikes should be able to cover about 60 miles on a single battery charge without pedaling. E-Bikes store a decent amount of power, but if you’re planning a more extended trip or overnight stay, you may want to use a solar power charger to recharge or extend your bike’s battery.


When you go hunting, you’re always going to be hauling a lot of expensive equipment, and if you’re lucky, bringing back some big game. Is your bike up for it? Fire-Link suspension like Quietkat’s RidgeRunner offers you additional control over your bike. You can stop quickly at any moment, even when you’re riding in unstable conditions such as mud or rain. There is no better way to get across rough terrain than on a full-suspension eBike.


Speed is an important consideration for hunters when choosing an eBike. You’ll want to make sure you have enough speed to get to your spot early but the proper control to make sure you are safe. All QuietKat fat tire eBikes will roll at about 20mph when maxed out. Although it may not seem like it, 20mph is pretty fast when you’re hauling through the forest on the trail but safe enough to stay in control on rugged terrain.


When hunting, noise is a big problem. You want to be as silent as possible to creep on your prey. If the motor or your bike is too noisy, you’ll scare off your potential game. The quietness and stealth that an electric bike offers riders are some of the most significant benefits of using an eBike for hunting. The name says it all when it comes to QuietKat hunting bikes; they’re designed by hunters to create as little noise as possible.

Weight limit

When you head to and from a hunt, you’ll be packing on the weight. Your bike needs to be able to perform at its peak even with all your equipment in tow. QuietKat bikes get your hunting gear in and your game back home without a hassle. Our electric hunting bikes come with load limits that range from 300- 325lbs. Trailers have a weight limit of around 100lbs, depending on the terrain and how experienced a rider is. For new riders, or those going over really rugged terrain, stick with the 100lbs. You can haul anywhere from 180-200 lbs on flatter terrain.

Bike weight

Bike weight is an important consideration when choosing a motorized hunting bike. If your electric bike is too heavy, you’ll be stuck having to pedal it manually, or if you get stuck in the mud, you want to be able to lift your bike out. If necessary, you need something you can manually haul over a short distance. QuietKat’s range of hunting eBikes ranges in weight from 65-70 lbs.


You will drive your electric hunting bike through hell and back, and with such a purchase, you want to ensure it is up for multiple hunting excursions without constant maintenance. Hunting eBikes need to be durable even in the most challenging terrain.

Additional Features

Additional features are an essential consideration when choosing an eBike for hunting. Unlike leisure bikers, hikers need to carry a lot of gear when they ride. Before selecting an eBike, be sure to check how easily trailers or saddlebags can be attached to help haul your equipment. Find out if there is an after-market purchase that is installed easily.

What regulations does the Bureau of Land Management have for eBikes?

The Bureau of Land Management generally wants public lands to be accessible to as many Americans as possible, including riders who use eBikes. However, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) still has regulations for eBikes.

With their increase in popularity, regulations for eBikes are changing rapidly and vary by state, city and counties. There are federal laws that apply to eBikes across the USA, but these are predominantly for using electric bikes on roads and in cities. Regulations are less strict when you take your eBike off-road, but BLM land is still subject to rules.

Public BLM-managed lands currently offer many unique opportunities for riding eBikes, including access to any Open OHV area or motorized trail. At present, eBikes are allowed on non-motorized trails limited to bicycles only if a BLM Manager has issued a written decision that authorizes eBike use for the area per local applicable laws and regulations.

As with any public area, knowing how to act is important, and Trail etiquette on BLM land is the same for electric bikes as it is for traditional bicycles. You should follow posted trail rules, including speed limits and yielding instructions. Trail etiquette is based on other trail users’ general consideration and respect and protection of the trail and the surrounding natural resources.

Trail etiquette suggests that you communicate with other trail users by using a bell or calm voice. Riders should also use passing techniques that are considerate of all trail users and ride in group numbers that do not block the trail for other trail users.

How is an eBike better for hunting than a quad, side-by-side, or other ATV?

A good quality eBike model designed for off-road use is on par with more rugged vehicles like ATVs or quad bikes. But eBikes are newer to the hunting scene, so if you’re not familiar with electric bikes, it’s natural to want to compare efficiency and suitability for different roads.

An electric hunting bike is a low-cost alternative to a side-by-side, quad, or ATV. Many budget-friendly eclectic bicycles are significantly cheaper to buy than ATVs or other gas-fuelled vehicles, and the running costs are non-existent.

Off-road eBikes range in price from $1500 to around $7000. ATVs start at about $3000 and can cost up to $20000 or more. Off-road vehicles like quads and ATVs will also have insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs.

ATVs and quads are noisy, making the comparative quietness of an eBike one of its most significant benefits. The noise and smell of an ATV or quad can eliminate the element of surprise, but hunting eBikes are near-silent, so you can get up close to your target without spooking the game.

An eBike is also a more environmentally friendly option; they don’t need gas to run and have the added benefit of running quietly and scent-free because there’s no exhaust. Using electric power helps you reduce pollution while also providing you an advantage over hunting with a gas-powered vehicle. You can even recharge them using solar energy and be even more eco-friendly if you want to reduce your footprint further.

Moreover, electric bikes benefit from being lighter and easier to maintain than gas-powered vehicles. The classifications for eBikes also mean that, in most states, younger rides can use them without licensing and registration. This is an excellent benefit if you want teens to join you when you hunt or enjoy a multi-purpose vehicle the wider family can use for different occasions.

You can ride through the woods on an eBike and get closer to your prey, giving you an advantage over other off-road vehicles. An electric bike’s size and agility allow you to stay on trails in dense forests for longer without having to hop off.

Another advantage eBikes have over off-road vehicles is that they are permitted on BLM trails like regular bicycles and, in many cases, on roads. In contrast, many larger ATVs are not allowed.

What advantages does an eBike give a hunter?

E-Bikes offer hunters many advantages over other vehicles or traveling on foot. Electric bikes are so quiet; they’re virtually silent, allowing you to get closer to your game undetected. Riding an eBike is a lot quieter than walking. Many animals have sensitive hearing and are spooked easily by the sound of someone walking with heavy boots through the woods.

A QuietKat eBike is specially designed to be quiet for hunting, it has a minimal and constant noise that’s unfamiliar to animals, so they don’t get spooked as easily by the noise. The low noise of an eBike is a significant advantage when deer or turkey hunting as these animals tend to be easily scared when they hear someone or something approaching.

E-Bikes also leave no scent trail, so you can go virtually unnoticed by many game animals, such as Whitetail Deer, which have a strong sense of smell. QuietKat advises that you keep your bike outdoors if you can— away from any fumes from your garage. Alternatively, you can set it out a day before you head out hunting. E-Bikes also leave less scent on the trail than your boots can create when you go trekking through backcountry woods.

One of the main hunting benefits of eBikes is that they allow you to go further, faster, and with less effort. An electric bike will enable you to conserve your energy for the hunt. They’re also great for aging hunters or those that have joint issues. Even if your athletic ability isn’t limited, you can go deeper and hunt longer thanks to an eBike.

Hunters carry a lot of gear when they set out for a hunt, and once you make a kill, you have even more to maintain. Typical gear like your rifle, dress kit, food, and water can add up to around 50 lbs of gear.

Carrying so much weight all day can be exhausting, and using an eBike instead of walking will save you a ton of energy. Once you’ve made a kill, electric hunting bikes can pull trailers full of gear so getting your kill out is easier than having to carry it yourself. Your back will most certainly thank you.

Electric bikes also allow hunters to cover much more ground in a fraction of the time it would take them to walk the same distance. This benefit is helpful when you’re checking game cameras, looking for tracks, scrapes, or getting to your shade or stand.

Most electric bikes can also access trails and areas that non-motorized vehicles can access, giving you more flexibility on your paths and routes. They’re also versatile in different weather conditions, including muddy or wet terrain.

E-Bikes can get you where you need to go much faster than you can walk on foot. If you hunt whitetail deer in an area with lots of hills, then having an electric bike can save energy and get to your stand quicker.

With electric bikes, you have the advantage of speed in every hunting season, especially when you need to cross long distances. In the Fall, game such as whitetail and elk live in areas with expansive and rough terrain, so using an electric bike for elk hunting is a huge advantage.

There’s also an added safety element that comes from using an electric bike when hunting. The rider can still use their bike without pedaling just by engaging the throttle. This safety consideration is comforting when the rider may be injured or may need to get out of a precarious situation quickly.

Best electric hunting bikes

If you’re looking for the best bike for hunting, we recommend looking at one of our QuietKat electric bikes designed for hunters. These three fat tire bikes for hunting are some of the best electric hunting bikes available on the market because they have special features for hunters, which set them apart from your average eclectic mountain bike.

2022 Jeep® E-Bike

QuietKat developed The Jeep eBike for adventure in partnership with Jeep, the most iconic off-road vehicle on the planet. The Jeep eBike has a 26″ x 4.8″ Fat-Tire platform, industry-leading Ultra-Drive 750 Watt motor, and full-suspension. Its design makes it the most capable eBike in existence.

The Jeep® eBike uses a Fire-Link suspension system that is a true four-bar linkage. This design feature provides the ultimate traction and capability. Four-piston hydraulic disc brakes allow for maximum control, even on the steepest descents and hard-to-navigate terrain. Hunters can conquer any technical off-road terrain on this bike, from hard-packed trails and rock to soft sand or even snow.

This model comes standard with the industry-leading Ultra-Drive 750 Watt motor, or you can upgrade to the 1000 Watt Unrestricted Motor kit, which packs a powerful 1500 Watts of Peak Performance and 160nm of torque. The Jeep® eBike is configurable as a Class 1, 2, or 3 Electric Bicycle.

Backed by the 4×4 capability of the Jeep Brand, this eBike can carry you and your hunting gear to the far corners of the earth. This model is the ultimate next evolution in all-terrain mountain eBikes.

2022 Apex E-Bike

The Apex is QuietKat’s most popular fat-tire electric bike model. As the name suggests, this model is designed to get you to the apex, the summit’s highest point. The Apex is suitable for even the most rugged and difficult off-road terrain, including steep mountain ascents and descents on singletrack trails. This eBike model will help you reach the highest level and get down safely.

Features include an integrated battery and top-level components. A mid-drive motor powers this model, paired with wide-range gearing; these features provide maximum torque so you can more easily navigate forest service roads, climb mountain trails and steep hills.

The 2022 version was upgraded with a heavy-duty pannier rack system, allowing riders to haul more cargo. The Apex eBike is also compatible with QuietKat’s single and two-wheeled trailers so that you can bring all your hunting or angling gear along for the ride. These features make this an excellent eBike choice for hunters or Overlanding.

The Apex model is designed for smooth operation in all weather conditions, with a 12mm thru-axle on the rear and sealed bearings in both front and rear hubs. Apex also features an adjustable 150mm of air suspension, 4-Piston Hydraulic Brakes, and an SRAM 9-speed drivetrain.

While many eBikes are best suited to larger riders, the 2022 Apex Model is also available in a 15.5″ frame making this an excellent choice for smaller riders and a wider range of users, including women and teens.

 2022 Ranger E-Bike

The Ranger has been called the best electric bike on the market for deer hunting. It’s designed to make hunting more enjoyable and tackle any challenges or obstacles. This model can carry you, your hunting gear, and even the game on the back of your eBike’s trailer.

The latest QuietKat Ranger model got an overhaul for 2022. This popular model’s latest design now includes an all-new integrated pannier rack, battery, and motor system. Other upgrades include the integrated battery upgrade and its stock components. The Ranger uses innovative frame geometry paired with focused weight distribution, which helps optimize ride quality and handle even the most rugged terrain.

The reliable Ranger features adjustable dropouts, making it easy to adjust the wheelbase or run a single-speed drivetrain for simplicity. This model features a hub-drive motor and QuietKat’s performance build kit, including adjustable coil-suspension, mechanical disc brakes, and an 8-speed drivetrain.

Hunting E-Bike Accessories

You can add hunting eBike accessories before you head out to make your two-wheel workhorse the ultimate hunting companion. The ideal gear will depend on the season, what you’re hunting and where you are in the world. Big game like elk or deer comes with different transport needs than duck or grouse. Here are some essential eBike hunting accessories to consider adding to your hunting setup. Plus, you can check out these other general hunting essentials.

E-Bike Cargo Trailer

A cargo trailer is an essential hunting accessory to transport your kill. Cargo trailers quickly attach or release from the rear axle of your eBike. QuietKat has a range of hunting-specific cargo trailers available, so your eBike can haul a freezer full of game out of the woods and get it safely to your truck.

The Two Wheel QuietKat Cargo Trailer is designed to be stable and burly under heavy load, even on uneven surfaces. A two-wheeled cargo trailer is best suited to particularly rough terrain, offering the most stability. When paired with a high-powered electric hunting bike like The Jeep® eBike, you’ll put any four-wheeler to shame.

If you want a more stream-line solution, then the QuiteKat Single-Wheel All-Terrain Trailer may be just what you have been looking for. The cargo cart is the width of the eBike, which allows easier turning in tight areas and on narrow trails. The rear shock absorber and 20-inch fat tire mean your gear will have a smoother ride, and there is less chance of any items bouncing out of the cargo area. But the cargo area isn’t the only place where you can stow some much-needed gear. This updated single-wheel trailer also integrated a pannier rack over the rear wheel, allowing you to attach the QuietKat Waterproof Pannier Bag for more storage options.

QuietKat trailers have a suggested weight limit of 100lbs on average, so if you need to transport big games like moose or elk, you will have to quarter it. An eBike with a trailer will save your legs carting back a big kill like this.

Even a whitetail buck will weigh around 180-200 lbs, so a trailer is a huge help for most game hunting. For really rugged terrain, or if you’re an inexperienced rider, you should stick with the 100lbs recommendation. But on flatter terrain, an experienced rider can haul up closer to 200 lbs.

Rhino Grips

If you’ve ever been on the trail and wish you had an extra set of hands, then we have the solution for you. Kolpin’s redesigned Rhino Grip XL will keep your hands free and your bow or unloaded rifle secure. These grips are sold as a pair and easily attach to your handlebars using a tool-less thumbscrew, plus the heavy-duty retaining straps have a dual-loop function that can be double-backed over, giving you added security over rough terrain. The grips can be easily adjusted and moved independently, allowing you to carry gear and a wide range of tools.

Bike light

Bike lights are essential for those days when you set off to hunt in the early hours of the morning and may not return before twilight. The Explorer 900 Bike Light helps make your hunt safer. The light features both red and white lights, so you can still have stealth access alongside visibility.

Comfort Saddle

Electric bikes are a more comfortable mode of transport than you might imagine, but you can add a comfortable saddle to make your seat a bit softer for a long day’s hunt. The QuietKat Comfort Saddle uses a new ergonomic design that perfectly fits your body’s characteristics. Our saddle design features innovative shock-absorbing zones and a high-peak pressure reduction system that combines comfort density and memory foam technology for maximum performance and comfort.


Fenders will be a welcome addition to your eBike if you plan to hunt in wet or muddy conditions. Front and rear fenders will keep your electric bike clean and dry, even wet and muddy conditions while hunting, fishing, and camping. Fenders are made for backcountry terrain, and QuietKat fenders come in camouflage paint jobs, ideal for stealth hunting.

Get out on the hunt

An electric eBike is a must-have for the serious modern-day hunter. An electric hunting bike is so much more than just a mountain bike with a motor attached. QuietKat’s line of specially designed hunting eBikes was designed by hunters for hunters. Choosing the right hunting vehicle can make a massive difference to your hunting excursion’s ease and success. An electric hunting bike can help you get to your game quietly and much faster, making your hunting experience less tiring and more enjoyable.