Elk NetworkCurious New Mexico Elk Need a Little Help

General | January 22, 2024

Curiosity killed the cat. It is an old proverb that infers one can get into trouble if he or she investigates something that maybe they should not.

Several elk in New Mexico took on that feline characteristic and got into some dicey situations. But luckily a couple of members of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish came to the rescue. One elk got its head stuck in a metal stool while another did the same with the base of a metal chair.

Wildlife officials tranquilized the animals, removed their headgear and sent them on their way.

Below is a Facebook post with an explanation of what happened. It also includes a link to a video.

Big thank you to Game Warden Recruit Cardon and Corporal Morales for helping not one, but two cow elk in the same neighborhood of Ruidoso who found themselves carting around some new accessories this week. The department wants to remind homeowners to secure their ornaments, decorations, yard furniture and equipment as many different species of wildlife will find a use (willing or not) for it.

Ironically, another elk got tangled up in a metal chair from an outdoor patio set the following day. View that video here.

(Photo credit: New Mexico Department of Game and Fish)