Elk NetworkColorado Expands Access to State Lands for 2020 Hunt

General | May 28, 2020

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commission recently unanimously approved the enrollment of 210,000 acres into the Public Access Program for the fall 2020 hunting season, bringing the program to a total of 777,000 acres. Locations of those lands will be released later this year.

“I’m thrilled that hunters and anglers will have more access to state trust lands in Colorado this season,” said Dan Prenzlow, CPW director. “Hunters and anglers are a critical foundation to wildlife conservation. They make significant contributions to our local economy, especially rural economies. It’s an added benefit that our Public Access Program helps fund Colorado school kids.”

The Public Access Program provides limited, seasonal hunting and fishing opportunities on Colorado trust land across the state.

“I congratulate the Parks and Wildlife Commission and the State Land Board for expanding access to Colorado state lands,” said Dan Gibbs, Department of Natural Resources executive director. “The expansion of the Public Access Program passed by CPW will grow the program by 37 percent to 777,000 acres over the next year. Colorado is a growing state with increased demand for hunting and angling access. In the coming years, Governor Polis and the Department of Natural Resources will continue to seek additional access opportunities to encourage Coloradans to experience, explore and enjoy the outdoors.”

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(Photo source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)