Elk NetworkClose Up-Encounter of Trapped Mountain Lion Being Released

General | February 26, 2018

Video shows Idaho Fish and Game conservation officers releasing big cat from a trap

Idaho has an abundant and self-sustaining population of mountain lions, and they’re an animal that Fish and Game officers and biologists deal with on a fairly regular basis during winter. This winter is no exception.

Recent incidents have included a mountain lion killed by local sheriff’s deputies near an elementary school in Bruneau, three other lions killed in the Wood River Valley, and at least two lions released after being inadvertently trapped by licensed trappers.

Mountain lions are game animals and hunting them is regulated by Fish and Game, but there is no trapping season for mountain lions. Idaho Fish and Game conservation officers recently recorded a video when they released a lion from a trap in the Clearwater Region.

Mountain lion incidents are more common in winter because cats follow deer and elk herds, which are more likely to be found at lower elevations, and it also coincides with prime trapping season.

(Video source: Idaho Department of Fish and Game)