Elk NetworkChoose the Right Cartridge for Your Game – Sako Cartridges

Sponsored Content | November 8, 2022

Choosing the right cartridge is no small thing. It’s all about knowing your rifle, the nature surrounding you, and especially the animal you are hunting. To make the selection process easier for you, we have introduced a color-coded categorization for our cartridges. Bonded or non-bonded? Rapid or controlled expansion? You know the basics at a glance, so you never have to struggle with the wrong cartridges ever again. The Rapid Expansion series (red box) feature maximized stopping power with bullets that have non-bonded, rapidly opening bullet designs that are optimal when hunting smaller game and varmints or in situations where instant expansion capabilities are preferred. The controlled expansion series (blue box) feature optimized stopping power and good durability against the bone with bullets that have chemically bonded to jacket to increase bullet effectiveness, especially for larger game. After rapid bullet expansion to the optimal diameter, bullet expansion will be controlled by means of a chemically bonded core and specific jacket thickness.

The Monolithic series cartridges (green box) are entirely based on lead-free bullets. They’re the choice for hunters who prefer lead-free alternatives and want to minimize meat loss. One advantage of monolithic bullets is their high strength which translates into near 100% weight retention. The Target series cartridges (yellow box) are designed to hit the target with the highest precision. Every component has been carefully selected to ensure superior consistency and performance in everything from the ignition of a primer to the bullet hitting the target.