Elk NetworkCanadian Bowhunter KICKS His Way Free From Black Bear

General | September 21, 2017

A bowhunter in Canada kicked his way free from a black bear that pulled him out of a tree.

“I don’t remember being scared. I just remember (thinking), ‘I’m not going out like that. Not by a bear. This bear ain’t going to get me,”’ Jay Haydukewich, told the Canadian Press.

Haydukewich was in a treestand in central Saskatchewan over the Labor Day weekend when a mother black bear left her three cubs, climbed the tree and pulled him out of it. The sow then latched on to his left foot. Haydukewich kept kicking with his right foot and eventually scared the bear off after jabbing it with his arrows.

Despite a number of injuries, he eventually drove himself to his brother’s house and received treatment in a Saskatoon hospital.