Elk NetworkCalifornia Seeks Help to Monitor for Elk Hoof Disease

Conservation | July 28, 2020

California wildlife officials need your help identifying any elk that may be suffering from Treponeme-associated hoof disease or TAHD. They first confirmed the disease in the northwest part of the state in early 2020. There are two additional confirmations since then.

“After the first confirmed case of elk hoof disease, the northern region began documenting the occurrence of any elk that were limping, were less than ideal body conditions — so they were thin or emaciated — or had evidence of diarrhea and had visible abnormal hoof growth,” Emma Fresz, California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) veterinarian, told the Del Notre Triplicate. “Focused surveillance through regular visual observations will continue occur on the affected herd, adjacent herds and other resident herds of wet substrates with significant livestock overlap in Del Norte and Humboldt counties.”

If you see an elk that is limping and may have the disease, go here to file a report with CDFW.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation continues to follow developments related to TAHD. In addition to providing funding for previous studies, RMEF also provided $100,000 for the construction of the world’s only facility focused solely on the disease. It is located on the campus of Washington State University.

(Photo source: California Department of Fish and Wildlife